About Razzle Dazzle

CFLdb Razzle Dazzle is a place for multimedia works on Canadian football. Inspired by Craig Robinson's flipflopflyball.com infographics, I aim to produce great works on Canadian football much like he does on baseball. I can not thank Mr. Robinson enough for being the catalyst that solidified the vision of what I wanted for the CFL. I have tried to develop my own style, but this is a slow process to someone new to illustration and information presentation. I am forever indebted to his wonderful works and portfolio and encourage you to check them out.

Besides Mr. Robinson, the other inspiration to launch Razzle Dazzle was the 100th awarding of the Grey Cup in 2012. The focus in the first year was on the history of the leagues, teams and trophy that got us to that historic point.

While some may focus on the infographics, a wide range of creative media will be posted on CFLdb Razzle Dazzle. Razzle items are video, documents, images and other media. Dazzle are infographics on Canadian football topics, from historical topics to present day analysis.

After starting the process myself, learning to illustrate and developing my style, I was approached by a designer to take over the work here. He re-did some of my poorer attempts and developed some of my ideas, placing his own style stamp on the site. However, time commitments have restricted his involvement and the site has not seen many new ideas developed in a while. As such, Razzle Dazzle remains an experiment and will only see updates from time to time.

While not qualified to run such a site, I hope to inspire others who are both CFL fans and graphic designers, illustrators or multimedia specialists.