2012 Season Ticket Pricing Comparison — A CFLdb Dazzle Infographic

Stadium capacities and market differences between franchise cities results in a differences in season ticket pricing amongst the clubs. This one-page comparison shows the ranges in prices, who gets the best value, and who has the best (or most expensive) amenities available to them.

Note: Pricing for Investor Group Field for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is used. Due to delays in stadium construction, five or six games will be held at Canad Inns Stadium. Ticket holders will be charged last year’s prices for those games. We have not reflected this in our pricing.

After reviewing the online pricing from each club, there was an apparent difference in the presentation and simplicity of each clubs’ packages. We arbitrarily rate each club in this regard below.

ClubPresentationPackage Simplicity


All pricing was sourced from the season ticket pricing page of the individual teams sites. Any specific notes for each package are noted on the infographic.

  • Ticket prices are for new, adult season tickets. No early-bird discounts for previous season ticket holders included.
  • Montreal Blue, Red and Club A, B, C seating sold out and no pricing listed so one premium ticket price estimated.
  • Adult/youth combo tickets not included.
  • Premium club seating is considered any stadium seating with VIP service. Loges, marquises and luxury suite pricing not included.

Please contact us with any corrections.

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Posted May 2012 (Updated July 2021)