Grey Cup Facts — A CFLdb Dazzle Infographic

Celebrating the 100th awarding of the Grey Cup in 2012, razzledazzle presents this look at facts, figures and records for Canada’s professional football championship game and trophy. See the infographic below.


  • Matchups and victories
    • Most frequent
    • Never played
    • Appearances, wins, winning percentage by team
    • Wins by division
  • Grey Cup locations
    • Host by city
    • Host stadium
    • Indoors/outdoors
  • Grey Cup dates
    • by day of the week
    • by day of the month
    • years to Grey Cup wins
  • Grey Cup scoring and attendance summary/records
    • points per game average
    • highest/lowest combined score
    • shutouts
    • margin of victory average, high/low
    • attendance average and high
    • scoring by decade

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  • Matchups are for original nine franchises unless noted
  • Appearances are for each city’s senior (IRFU/WIFU) professional football teams (eg. University of Toronto not included in Toronto’s total). Montreal’s total includes franchise prior to 1946 Montreal Alouettes.
  • Never played is for original nine IRFU/WIFU/CFC/CFL cities only.
  • Other division for Victories by Division is for when WIFU did not compete for Grey Cup and IRFU, ORFU or varsity squads were champions.


  • Sources: CFL Facts, Figures and Records and Heroes of the Game: A History of the Grey Cup
  • Inflation cost calculated from 1914 to June 2012 using Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator. 1914 is the earliest date the calculator accepts.
  • The weight of the current expanded cup design is 4.5 kg. Estimating the original cup at 2.5 kg at $28.50/ounce (June 2012 price) for silver (if it is pure silver) puts the value at $2,248. Some information seems to indicate it is pewter or silver-plated.
  • The cup has been valued at $75,000 in a 2009 appraisal. Of course the historical and sentimental value of the cup is incalculable.
  • For that reason, replicas of the trophy have been made.


  • Data compiled from Grey Cup locations provided in the CFL’s Facts, Figures and Records publication.


  • Data compiled from Grey Cup dates provided in the CFL’s Facts, Figures and Records publication.
  • Half day given to each of Saturday and Sunday for 1962 Grey Cup played over Dec. 1st and 2nd.
  • One occurrence given to both Dec. 1st and 2nd for 1962 Grey Cup.
  • Years to Grey Cup calculated for cities from year teams eligible to compete (1909 for East, 1921 for West) excluding years Grey Cup not held.



  • Data compiled from Grey Cup scores and attendance provided in the CFL’s Facts, Figures and Records publication.

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Posted June 2012 (Updated July 2021)