Sharing Rogers Centre — A CFLdb Dazzle Infographic

The Toronto Argonauts and Toronto Blue Jays have been sharing Rogers Centre (before 2005, The SkyDome) since 1988. In 2005, the Argos signed a 5-year lease agreement with Rogers Centre (with two optional 5-year extensions) that was touted as providing additional revenue streams and better date selection (first selection of dates after the Blue Jays). Those options were not executed before the owners sold the Argos to David Braley and a new lease had to be negotiated and the details of that agreement are not known.

Still, the complaints about the Argos schedule and how they get short shrift from Rogers Centre now that the conglomerate owns the Blue Jays and the Stadium continue. In the period from July to early October, the Blue Jays take 8 of 14 weekends. The Argonauts take 3 weekends, with one being a Monday game on the August long weekend. Three weekends go without games. The Argos complete their season with 4 home games in 5 weeks in October and November.


The Toronto Blue Jays schedule was retrieved from printable schedule page. The Toronto Argonauts schedule was retrieved from schedule page and the schedule page. Other events were retrieved from, though I found their system fundamentally flawed and broken and could not retrieve events (even any Blue Jays and Argonaut games) beyond June.

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Posted April 2012