2012 Tribute to the Fallen — A CFLdb Razzle Image

As part of their 2012 Grey Cup weekend coverage, TSN produced this In Memoriam tribute to the CFL‘s players, coaches and executives who passed on in the previous 12 months.


  • Lorne Benson
  • Al Brenner
  • Milt Campbell
  • Pat Claridge
  • Charlie Collins
  • Al Ecuyer
  • Ed Harrington
  • Eric Harris
  • Warren Hudson
  • Jean-Paul “Lally” Lalonde
  • Peter Lougheed
  • Doug MacIver
  • Dave Mann
  • Doug McNichol
  • Glenn McWhinney
  • Greg Mohns
  • Cal Murphy
  • Joey Pal
  • Joe Restic
  • Bud Riley
  • Benny Steck
  • Peter Thodos
  • Bob Torrance
  • Alex Webster
  • Gene Wlasiuk

Download TSN's 2012 Tribute to the Fallen (3:28, 55.5 MB)


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Posted November 2012

Tags: legacy