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With the Grey Cup approaching, our post on How to Make a Grey Cup Pool Board is increasing in popularity again. I have decided to help those looking for answers on this topic by providing some sample boards. These docs are in PDF format can be printed on a regular letter sized sheet of paper or if you have access, a larger format printer such as 11x17. I encourage you, if you can, to make your own on the back of an old wall calendar or a whiteboard.

There are two available, a 10x10 sheet and a 20x20 sheet, providing 100 or 400 entries. If you don’t have enough people for all squares, sell 2, 3, 4, etc. squares for the asking price. More entries provides a greater chance of winning, keeping people interested in the pool and the game. If you are doing a pool for a Grey Cup party at home with less than 20 people, you can try 5 or more squares per entry, or put some common scores on some pieces of paper and have people draw from a hat.

The 10x10 board supports scores ending in 0-9 for each team (scores wrap at 10). The 20x20 board supports scores between 0-19 (scores wrap at 20, or 20 = 0). The scores are not printed on the board because they can be drawn randomly after everyone has chosen their squares. For full instructions on how to use the board, write in the scores, etc., see the original post.

Good luck with your pool!

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See also article on idea for Grey Cup pool for small groups (<10 people).

Also available: Grey Cup Pool Board 20x20 (PDF, 177 KB)

Download Grey Cup Pool Board 10x10 (PDF, 99 KB)


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Posted October 2012 (Updated October 2019)

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