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Heroes of the Game is a CFL video shown at the end of the 1987 Grey Cup broadcast using a song Heroes of the Day by a Canadian artist adapted to Heroes of the Game. It was later updated with the 1987 Grey Cup winning field goal by Jerry Kauric and trophy presentation footage in a video produced by CFN and used in the 1988 Grey Cup pre-game show, which is where this version is from. I apologize for the incomplete content of the version of the video presented here; the beginning of it is cropped by up to 10-15 seconds.

The video contains many stars of Canadian Football and the Grey Cup from the 1950’s through the mid-1980’s. Famous Grey Cup moments are included, including Jackie Parker’s fumble return, Leon McQuay’s fumble and the Mud Bowl. It is a treasure trove of footage of legendary coaches and players, like Angelo Mosca, Garney Henley, Frank Clair, Russ Jackson, Ron Lancaster, George Reed, Hugh Campbell, Bob O’Billovich, Condredge Holloway, Al Bruno, Tom Clements and many more too numerous and sometimes difficult to identify.

If you have information on the artist, more history of the production, source for a better copy or any information to share on this topic, please contact me.

The complete Heroes of the Game video can be found on the A Championship Season: CFL ’87 75th Anniversary Grey Cup video produced by CFN Productions and distributed by Quality Video in VHS format. Check eBay, Amazon, collectible stores, garage sales, etc. for copies.

This video was originally posted on Classic Video on CFLdb before being relocated here. It is also discussed in the This is Our League post.

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Posted November 2009 (Updated February 2013)

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